Tuesday, March 24, 2009


While all of us have predetermined notions about hijras, they being looked down upon and considered shame and disgrace upon the name of the families they are born in, very few of us know how these eunuchs think and survive in the harsh world of today. Survival in a place where there is nothing but mockery, derogatory remarks and ridicule, is indeed a sad sight. We often see Hijras in streets and other public places, begging for money. Most of these hijras live at the margins of the society with very low status; the very word ‘hijra’ is sometimes used in a derogatory manner. Today, hijras have only three options left for their survival – beggary, blessings and prostitution. Although many hijras get their income from performing at ceremonies, begging or prostitution remain the mostly availed option today. We have all labeled hijras as filthy, vulgar and ridiculous people, yet very few of us know what makes them live such a life.

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