Friday, March 27, 2009


  • “Some accept them, others hate them, many fear them, many are amazed by them, a few like them, many make fun of them, and no one invites them in. They are considered unclean, and only their lovers eat with them at the same table.
  • “Only a Hijra can understand another Hijra
  • Why don’t these idles do some job and labor?”

  • If u get a hijra birth in your home I’ll see how would you find him a job”, criticizing and commenting is the easiest job in the world. If I ask you to come forward and provide an opportunity for a job, you will not even offer me the minimum wage at your working place

  • “People don’t trust them because they are liars and robbers.”
  • When a person is starved for 2 days and nobody bothers to offer him a scrap of food how can you expect loyalty from him?”


  1. "Qualification for membership of the
    Parliament and Provincial Assemblies.

    A person who is a citizen of Pakistan,
    is enrolled as a voter in any electoral roll and in case of
    National/Provincial Assemblies is not less than 25 years of age and
    in case of Senate not less than 30 years of age,”

    atleast our goverment supports them

  2. i keep offering them jobs in my factory. It pretty funny how they keep giving excuses. Its pretty much all about the money for them.

    i have manual labourers. Whenever they come to extort money, i tell them i don't just give money out like that. to anyone. If he wants, i'll give him a job. And the SAME income as the manual labourer. And they refuse! Now i know they want the freaking easy life of extortion. Screw these people. And i'm not a person who looks at them differently. I just hate giving away hard earned money.