Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It is time that the government should take steps to protect the rights of eunuchs. According to one NGO, there are almost 45000 registered eunuchs in Lahore who are being provided assistance and opportunities that they can avail for a better survival. Under the Department of Health, the Government of Punjab has awarded an assignment to the consortium comprising of Contech international National Health Education Research & Resource Institute and Savior-Faire.

Project staff has registered 45000 eunuchs in Lahore working through Special Health centers and field work with the help of peer educators. In context of registration project staff has register 45000 eunuchs from all over the city.

Keeping in mind, the efforts being made by NGO’s in our society, the government should now take the initiative to provide schools for the eunuchs, so that these eunuchs have some basic education. Many of the eunuchs, who were part of our preliminary research, had primary education, while a few had even passed secondary school. Thus, it is all about providing them with opportunities that the eunuchs can avail. It is about time, the government recognizes the hijras as humans, provides them with basic necessities and education opportunities, so that eunuchs born with sexual deformities can avail education, learn how to read and write and can pursue their careers. This is the only way these eunuchs will not resort to illegal, inhumane activities like beggary and prostitution. Moreover, the government/ local administration should arrange stipends and monetary assistance to the poor and provide opportunities to the effected sections of the people. Those who are born with the sexual deformity should be provided either handsome financial help so that they could become acceptable in their own families and they should be given share/quota employment for the handicaps, enabling them to lead a normal life. Moreover, the government should devise ways to disseminate information regarding psychological problems related to sexual minorities and develop public awareness to handle the issue. The government should also develop programs to enhance and build up knowledge regarding AIDS/STDs to the masses and hijras as well. The government should arrange the medical assistance for affected individuals and enforce strict laws on auto-castration.

In short, it is evident that the government is not taking adequate steps, to put an end to the discrimination against eunuchs that has existed since ages. Given the pace of development in other phases of life, it is time, we recognize that this neglected group of people, are as equal

human beings as all of us and as deserving as any other individual. The government, instead of ignoring the increasing number of eunuchs should more actively approach to homosexuals and develop public awareness programs to handle the issue. This will not just reduce the level of illegal activities of prostitution in the country but raise the awareness levels of the public in general and the eunuchs, in particular. Also, such public awareness programs will help reduce the number of HIV infected people as precautionary measures are made familiar with the eunuchs. At the end, there should be complete record of born hijras on district levels. It is not just the work of a few NGO’s but the combined efforts of the government and the NGOs that will help address the issue of discrimination against eunuchs. A complete record of hijras is the initial and the most important step that should be undertaken, so that these hijras can either be provided financial help publicly to restrain them from falling in socially unacceptable activities or assign them quota in employment.

Even if it is impossible to completely end the discrimination against eunuchs, the government can play a major role in reducing the derogation against them, promoting their welfare, and working for their rights.


  1. i agree with the fact that government can and is only a loongterm source to provide them with basic neccesscities since its evident that there are huge amount of people out their who needs help and assisstance. I think its about time that they should also get the equal respect,rights and oppurtunities as any other person in society.

  2. if every person in the society starts to think this way it would be much of a better place to live in. these people are also human, just because of God given differnces this sort of discrimination is not something they deserve. alond with the government the public/society should accept them as well and help them.

  3. i think that there should not be any discrimination everyone should have equal rights man/ women/ hijras they are all human and human rights apply to them as well. the discrimination by our society does not let them live a normal life thus they resort to robberies and prostitution. the fault is none other than ours. the govt will take action when the people take a stand. The NGO's can only do soo much

  4. eaxctly what i am talking about. why always say NGO or govt when we as a society need alot more improvement and accept them...its us who lack more than any one. we shoudl create their space.

  5. i agree that the government should take steps to increase public awareness but its the mind set of the people that needs to change first. Individuals should realize that they(eunuchs) should be treated the same way as everyone else.

  6. Well to be honest, we also live in country which inhabits persons who aren't educated. Education is quite important because it broadens a person's mind.

    If the goverment can open top notch free public schools, then you can expect some major improvements in the foundation of all aspects.

  7. well i think its a different story. instead of waiting for others to do something about it, we have to change out thinking and our approach first. it is a very true saying that be the change you want to see. lets just ask ourselves..how much are we doing as an individual to eliminate this doscrimination? are we just blowing the trumpet of fairness or following our thinking as well. lets not just pose and pretend. instead be realistic and practice what you preach.

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